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3D Rapid Design - Design. Develop. Deploy.

It's all about Design, Develop and Deploy methodology: Its a service umbrella where by all work namely designing, developing and deploying required to put your solution online is done systematically in a time bound manner. Providing you a state-of-the-art Cloud ERP solution using today's technology for your growth and prosperity. 3D Rapid Design Service uses pre-designed user interface template components and tested, ready-to-use code snippets and sub-routines which is then integrated into an Cloud ERP engine to give you a world class solution. Hence you get the best of all world. Affordable price. Quick results. Tested solution.

The Rapid Design framework provides the base: Rapid Design Framework is an essential component of the 3D Rapid Service and play the main role in the development. It provides a robust scaffolding on which the entire site design is constructed quickly using various reusable design elements and graphic components. The layout is kept very simple yet elegant and each element is then added to enhance the look and feel of the site. Each element provides the flexibility to modify it internals in such a manner that when constructed each site looks unique and fresh.

Incorporates a robust CMS: Apart from this the design also incorporates components to accommodate content from the Content Management System in a seamless manner. All this is rapidly assembled to form a working design in the stipulated time. Due to the incorporation of tested reusable design components and the robustness of the underlying framework the site design remains stable and state-of-the-art providing high end features and usability to the customers.

The Rapid Design Framework provides the following advantage.

  • Rapid design development.
  • Short cycle time from concept to completion.
  • Standardisation due to use of common framework.
  • Stability due to use of tested design elements.
  • Easy workability due to availability of existing design components.
  • Cost control due to use of reusable design elements.
  • Proper time estimation due to design element standardisation.
  • Elimination of design glitches due to presence of underlying design framework.

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